Article 1 – SUNSHINE TEA

We often think tea & sunshine can only equal iced tea, something consumed in a bottle, perhaps as an alternative to a fizzy drink when you need a quick refresher. At best, it might be peach or lemon flavoured and doused in artificial sweetener – in fact you might barely think of it as tea at all!

This is a terrible shame, we are limiting the near infinite possibilities of amazing things we can do with tea in the summer!

With a multitude of herbs, spices and fruits you can so easily be creative in the kitchen and make something healthy and delicious within just a few minutes! Whether it is using the tea leaves as a flavouring or adding fresh fruit to a red berry blend why don’t you get creative?   

Below I have some great suggestions for you on how to enjoy your tea at the height of summer and there won’t be a plastic bottle in view:

1 – A tea cocktail or mocktail – You wouldn’t think twice about adding Mint into a Mojito, so why not infuse your Gin with Earl Grey or add a fruit infusion into your Pimm’s! Tea cocktails are truly in vogue this summer.    

2 – Let your tea “Be Cool” – We are so used to drinking our tea hot we don’t remember how good it can be to let it cool. Try brewing a fruit infused blend in a teapot and let it cool in the fridge. Serve later over ice and maybe even decorate with an umbrella. You might just be surprised with the cool results.

3 – Keep it Hot! – Your traditional hot brew doesn’t have to be just an English breakfast or Early Grey. Why not try a soothing Chamomile or a refreshing White Tea. Fresh, floral, or fruity, there are so many flavours and aromas that would be a perfect hot tea alternative on a beautiful summers evening.   

4 – Ice, Ice Baby – Mix your favourite tipple or glass of fizz then drop in a concentrated tea or herbal infused ice-cube. My favourite is Champagne with a Rose infused ice cube – delicious! Keep a tray in the freezer for those unexpected fizzy moments.

These are just a few of my suggestions but let me know what you do with your tea this summer!