MAJESTY – Highly prized black tea blend with 23crt Gold leaf


An opulent black tea blend inspired by kings, riches and gold souks, a royal gift of luxury. This ‘Gold Leaf’ tea features dark fired Malawi tea selected for its superior flavour blended with the highly prized China Golden Monkey and Golden Needle Teas and hand laced with 23ct Gold leaf.

Flavour profile

Full bodied and robust yet gentle and delicate. Notes of chocolate, peach and honey. 

Origin  – East Africa & China

Hand picked and processed only at the beginning of the season our makes Golden Monkey and Golden Needle Teas rare and some of the finest from the Fujian province in China. Fujian is a south-eastern Chinese province known for its mountains and coastal cities. Fujian is one of the major tea-producing provinces in China. Dark fired Malawi whose origins are from Kenya and is one of the finest teas produced in Africa. Dark fired refers to the processing method where producers dry the leaves at higher than normal temperatures.  

How to make the perfect cup

  • Always use freshly drawn water
  • Use 2.5g loose tea
  • Water temp 100˚C
  • Infuse 4-5 mins.
  • Serve without milk



Thyolo dark fired Malawi, rare Chinese Golden Monkey & Golden Needle black teas with 23crt Gold leaf

Additional information

Weight N/A

100g loose leaf in caddy, 100g loose leaf in refill pouch

Brew Style

Type of Tea



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