WHITE ROSE GOLD – White tea, Jasmine & 23crt Gold rose buds


Finest China White Silver Needle Tea blended with delicate Jasmine blossoms and embellished with Pink Persian Roses hand-dusted edible 23crt Gold leaf. A divine light floral cup, perfect for any special occasion.

Flavour profile

Refreshing, delicate and floral.

Origin  – China & Iran

White Silver Needle tea and Jasmine blossoms origin Fujian province in China. Fujian is a south-eastern Chinese province known for its mountains and coastal cities. Fujian is one of the major tea-producing provinces in China. Whole rose buds origin Shiraz, Iran.  Shiraz is known as the ancient city of love and literature and considered to be the city of gardens due to its many beautiful gardens and fruit trees.

How to make the perfect cup

  • Always use freshly drawn water
  • Use 1.5g loose tea
  • Water temp 75-80˚C
  • Infuse 2-3 mins.
  • Serve without milk


Finest White Silver Needle tea, Jasmine flowers and whole rose buds dusted with 23crt Gold. 


Additional information

Weight N/A

100g loose leaf tea in crown caddy, 100g loose leaf tea in refill pouch

Type of Tea

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