Victoria's tea journey

In September 2014, Victoria founder of the The Amber Rose Tea Company successfully launched revolutionary innovations in tea by presenting unique, dynamic blends featuring gold leaf for the top Signature Majesty tea and wild-crafted ingredients in unusual, ‘tea imagining’ blends.

Amber and Rose are the middle names of Victoria’s daughters and signify two important aspects of the tea blends:

  • Amber – the bounty of the earth
  • Rose – the exquisite plant world

Together, these elements ensure that the tea blends are expressly dynamic. The flavour experiences are ‘read’ by the mind as luxurious and indulgent,    and by the body as opening the senses.

Victoria’s background is in Clinical Trial Data Management which drives her passion to source only the finest, natural teas and botanicals from select gardens around the world. With focus on the health benefits of ingredients to create blends to improve overall wellbeing.

In 2021 Victoria is planning to conduct her own clinical research to document the benefits of drinking green tea for woman’s wellbeing.

ECO friendly packaging, biodegradable material, plastic free and organic are at the heart of the brand.

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