The Boutique of Tea

Welcome to the Land of Luxury Tea, all the finest teas your heart could possibly desire are found here. The complete range of Amber Rose Teas are below, whether you desire the very finest loose-leaf teas or a luxury silken tea bag this is where you will define your divine. Each tea has its own unique packaging, alluring aroma and exquisite taste, let your journey into the world of high luxury tea begin.

Shop by Mood

When you are choosing a tea, you need one which fits with how you are feeling at that point in time. You need one to indulge you when you need indulging, at tea that can lift you when your not at your best, and can comfort you when you need it.

To help you choose the best tea for you we have created a guide on how each one of our fabulous blends can complement your mood.

Amber Rose – Dark and indulgent with real gold leaf, this is the ultimate in luxury and the perfect tea to satisfy your desires.

Pink Rose – The perfect tea to give you that everyday luxury, to get you ready for the day ahead or to reflect. Make your daily tea and exquisite lesson in luxury.

White Rose – This is a blend created to give you more of those feel good moments, to take you to your happy place. Our blend of natural ingredients and deluxe taste mean this is a must have blend every time you need comfort.

The question is once you try our full range which rose will be your favourite?